Monday, February 11, 2008

After a long hiatus

I saved up some stuff to type.

Anyways, grats to Skyler for having the "biggest beard" in the family. I am not exactly sure what entails the grand prize, but it should really be something. That thing is way, way large, and quite in charge.

Since November, I guess a few interesting things have gone on with us. The bad news, one of our good Iranian friends left, and decided to stay home, rather than return to school. Then one of our Kuwaiti friends. Sad. We really loved those guys and their company. But, we did manage to have a great time during our holidays. We took two of our friends to Sagada, went caving, and had a nice time. We went to Burgos, and really, really, really, quiet and deserted beach. We had the whole place to ourselves, with our friends Grace and Mao.

Our hospital dutues have been fairly exhaustive this semester. Learning a lot during them, thank goodness. Having some issues with the administration, and teachers. That will not go away in my or my grandchildren's lifetimes I guess. There is just a lot of "poop" here in certain areas that seems a little too ground in.

I really wanted an eee pc. I got this crazy idea to get one, then backed out. I will wait for the 9 inch screens and Wimax. Speaking of computers, I am living the Linux life now. Totally gave up Windows, and never looking back. I recommend "Puppy Linux" to anyone. It is 100 MB only, and runs off of your ram. Everything is easy enough to learn, and it won't overwrite your old OS should you need to go back. I put it on a friends ancient computer, and it runs like a scalded cat. Don't toss out that old computer yet!

Karen and I had the same American patient (she had the 7-3, me, the 3-11 shift).. It was great, because everybody including the Doctors were afraid of the guy, and we just charged in a saved the day for the guy. It felt great to be working for what will likely be a more typical patient for us, and he really tested our abilities. We did great, and so did he. (He was discharged the day after our last duty day after nearly two weeks, and I got to congratulate him on his way out ) It felt real good to see the product of our hard work "walk out the door" towards his health and future.

Another two months, and we are done for the year, and a break that we will be sharing with... MY MOM AND GRANDMOTHER!!!! We are so excited to have them. I can't wait to show them around.


Jesse and Yavon said...

Yea!!! I thought you would never write for us again. Glad to have you back. Looking forward to seeing you when you come to visit. I am also happy to know that Jesse and I will never have to set foot in a hospital as long as we have you around... lolol

Rinah & Skyler said...

Of all the photo's you could have chose for sky's beard...
He is debating donating it to the natives (along with his hair). I guess they make masks and stuff.. Pretty weird if you ask me.

I wanna come visit. 2009... perhaps?

Keep in touch

Anonymous said...

I'll be going to the car show at the end of March. I will post pictures when I get back.


Anonymous said...

Good catch on the beard. I don't know what the hell I have been doing, not giving the props were they need to go.
I talked to your Mom and Grandma and they are both excited to go. I think you had better start bombarding Grandma with emails/commitments that need to be made now/GUILT to get her 100% on that plane. later.