Thursday, November 08, 2007

How far down can we go?

Well, is this rock bottom yet? A 12 year old girl gets suspended from school for hugging her friends... What is the matter with our country? Who is making this stuff up? Does anyone need any more ammo to scrap our current model of state run school system once and for all? Your tax dollars are giving trillions to your local state coffers to come up with this tripe. Instead of producing literate and capable individuals, our school system is creating little robots. Good little, hate filled, maladjusted sociopathic robots. This is where you get Virginia Tech and Columbine.


Alvin Almeda said...

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Jesse and Yavon said...

Is there some where you can buy bullet proof vests?


Rinah & Skyler said...

Hey Joaquin.
Take a chill pill. Is there somewhere you can get one of those.

Jesse and Yavon said...

Joaquin and Jesse get into their freak out sessions every once in a while.