Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I wish I could say that lots has happened lately, but it hasn't. We are closing in on our last semester here. Technically of course, as I still need two minor subjects to get my piece of paper. That is going to tack on an extra couple of MONTHS to our stay, unfortunately. Anyway, there isn't a whole lot else I can do about it.

We get nothing but "doom and gloom" news from back home lately, so maybe we are not missing much. Well, except for our families and friends, as usual. Economy be damned, we are ready to go home!

Karen just had her B-Day. She was a bit depressed this week about her "Age". I had to laugh, but perspective is everything I guess.

We were not able to go to Sagada this year for Xmas. Our school didn't post our schedule earlier than a week in advance, and our efforts to book in this tiny, popular mountain destination were dashed. We called all over, and everyone has snatched up the few rooms here.

We have a couple of 2nd and 3rd choices we are kicking around. And there are some pretty decent "defaults" that feature completely pristine beaches, all to ourselves, etc. Not a bad fall back position, right?

My mom got Karen a pretty nifty cell phone for her birthday/Xmas. (Inadvertently, but that is what she got). She is pretty stoked about it, and I hope this one lasts longer than its 6 predecessors. (Just kidding babe.... But seriously). We had a minor scare when it just "shut off" randomly, but since that episode, it has been OK.

Speaking of episodes, we have found television again. We have really enjoyed House this year, and just saw the season finale. Also, Sons of Anarchy was enjoyed (a gritty biker/sopranos type show), and I am catching up on Curb your Enthusiasm. We were referred to "Big Love" by our friends at Bliss Cafe, and it is so far not doing it for Karen, though I do enjoy the Utah references. I need to give it a couple of more episodes. I am officially not one of those "I don't watch TV" snobs anymore.

We saw a few good movies, so I will just run down the list off the top of my head, and give you my opinion:

The Fountain- Good
The Fall- Good
The day the Earth stood still- Bad
Righteous Kill- Bad
Eagle Eye- Bad
Burn After Reading - Good
Cashback- Good
Thank you for Smoking- Good
The Complete History of my sexual failures- Good

Well, I will leave it at that for now.