Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Funny, the new Biochem class with the teacher looks to be a big improvement. So in a way, I can thank that guy for pissing me off so bad. Anyways, anatomy appears to be my new "obstacle to peace", but I am at least passing, so I guess that will do since most of my "peers" are not. I can hardly believe that an entire school year is almost over.

We were in an FX on the way home (an FX is a four door truck/minivan that holds 12 people) and the guy drove like a maniac. He was probably going like 60 mph, and Manila may have the most unpredictable roads of anywhere I have ever seen. We got home in about 6 minutes. At one point, Karen shrieked "OH NO!" as we swerved in between a lane changing Jeepney and a bus. The guy was a nut.

I am dreaming up my next computer upgrade, I have a wish list on "www.newegg.com" that should bring me up to speed, plus I can't get Karen to stop playing hours on end of World of Warcraft, as the saying goes, "If you can't beat em', ..."

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