Tuesday, September 20, 2005

What to do?

I am sitting in an internet cafe in near my school.... I have 55 minutes until my next class starts. I have eaten lunch already.. They don't have the latest games here, so I guess an hour long session of "BattleField2" is out of the question...
Looking forward to going home for a couple of weeks. The schedule is set tentatively for a time in Socal, Florida, Utah and then back home. I can't wait to rink some good beer. That has to be the one luxury that I have most missed these past months (coming up on 6!)
I am going to try to post pictures on here one of these days. It isn't as easy as it would seem. I have TKD tonight and am looking forward to sparring. My last match was a bit one sided as my opponent came to class late (fresh legs) and then was instructed to merely"counter" my attacks, and I was instructed to attack with 3-5 kick combinations. in about 45 seconds, I had kicked myself into exhaustion (ever try kicking 30-35 times? in a minute?), while my opponent would sit back, and counter my (by this point) slow and tired flaylings. Still, it is a good lesson in endurance and I am better for it, I suppose. I made inquiries into other Martial Arts available here. My instructor says that his brother is an accomplished "Arnis" combatant. I am interested in that particular art as a friend of mine with much experience in full contact sports has recommended it highly. I mostly enjoy the mental challenge that martial arts provide. You test your strength in many different ways, and usually surprise yourself when you are called upon to use it.
Today we are to hand in our take home test in Chemistry. It almost seems laughable to have a take home test given the likelyhood and prolific tendandancy for Filipino Students to "lend" and "borrow" eachother's class work. Karen and I generally do not participate, but every once in a while I slip, either sharing or looking to receive a "share".
I actually remembered to bring my umbrella today and Karen forgot hers, making me the temporary "nah,nah-nah-nah, nah" king today, as she usually holds that post unchallenged.

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