Thursday, September 29, 2005

The High Five

Glenn Burke and Dusty Baker are often credited with having participated in the first baseball high five in the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles in 1977, with Burke receiving credit for "inventing" the high five (in the context of sports) because he raised his hand first after Baker scored a run.- Wikipedia

The High Five had some good times in the late seventies and even through the eighties. but in the early 90's, it began to erode into parody, finally dropping off in North America when Bill Clinton high fived Al gore on his innaugeration night.

Did you know that the High Five is alive and well in the Philippines? I was amazed at all the high fiving going on here. I thought I had been teleported back in time to an advanced screening of Police Academy: The Movie.

It seems to be the exact context when you would have seen a High Five being executed in say, Simi Valley California Circa 1983. One participant usually says something to another, then a witty remark is exchanged to the other, resulting in a mutually agreed point that is glorified for all bypassers and onlookers to see with an ensuing coordinated hand clap.

As in America in the 80's the ultimate rejection of someone would be the non return execute of an offered high five. To avoid this obvious social faux pas, I have seen people High five others who they obviously disagreed with, but politely returned the jesture, lest they "leave you hangin'" which is the equivalent to the hand extended to shake, yet ignored. It takes exactly 3.8 seconds to go from soaring emotional bliss to rejected foolish shame when the highfive is not reciprocated. Anyways, you will see at least 10 High Fives in the Philippines a day, more if you are a student or employed. In contrast to America, High Fives can be seen being participated by generally more women than men. Though the cause of the High Five is almost assuredly about the mutual agreement of the foolishness of a man.

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