Thursday, October 04, 2007

US claims success in war on drugs

I almost laughed out loud when I saw this headline

The government officials are patting themselves on the back for increasing the cost of cocaine. Economics 101… Its almost comical to think that the war on drugs is practically a government subsidized commodity, like corn or pork bellies. We are footing the bill of a war against our own people, leading to increased riches for violent drug dealers (low transportation costs for “less” product and increased price per unit), more of our citizens incarcerated or killed for victimless crimes, and more people will begin to turn to cheaply made and REAL dangerous drugs as alternatives. If I was a drug dealer, I would forget pot, (acreages of land, or intense electric bills) and just make a methlab in my spare bathroom. Simple economics…..


Jesse and Yavon said...

What a bunch of crap!! Who are they trying to fool?

Jason said...

The war on drugs is really just a pretext for search and seizure. The DEA is becoming increasingly pervasive in Canada and Mexico in recent years. The drug war has become militant in Mexico recently the US awarded them $500M for their efforts. Canada's Prime Minister announced his intention to legalize marijuna in this decade, and has since reversed their policies with a 300% increase in drug related arrests year over year. Shockingly, Canada is currently bringing Marc Emery to court on US extradition charges for something that he wouldn't be prosecuted for North of the 49th - selling pot seeds.

I would say the so-called war on drugs is pretty successful. The DEA is securing American hegemony over the continent and is driving the ultimate agenda of a North American Union.

Joaquin said...

"The war on drugs is really just a pretext for search and seizure"-- perhaps on the local level, I would agree. To me, the war on drugs is more justification for the expansion of yet another useless government agency. The biggest "seizure" going on in regards to the war on drugs is the tax payer getting part of his income "seized" by Uncle Sam to go bust pot smokers. What a crock.

As to the NA union, I don't really see a connection. The US is flexing it's muscles to "show" the drug dealers they mean "business" across our borders. In other words, they are making deals with the DEA counterpart in Canada and Mexico to fill their coffers with funds. Funds that came from US taxpayers. They are "teaching" Canada and Mexico to create an imaginary enemy, expand their policing on their citizens, and in essence, create a "recession proof" business. Government is the biggest business in the world. And the most corrupt.