Thursday, August 16, 2007

Herps and Cat5 twisters

So, after a week of a shy, quiet, kinda grumpy looking turtle, he has gone through a metamorphosis, so to speak. He is finally eating, I bought him some turtle food, but he is eating the apples and other stuff, as long as it is "in the water". (a la Jesse's 6th grade report of the majestic sperm whale)

I was in the hardware store buying him a basking light, I came across some plastic paint roller containers. they are ramped on one end, and go to a depth of a 6" deep pool at the other end. I bought two, and put food in one, and keep the other clean. He went right in and started eating. He walks around in his "habitat" now like a king, "long neck" looking around at everything. I was real worried he wasn't gonna make it. It looks like he is fine now.

I talked with a pet store owner. They had about 30 of these for sale. They are endemic to this region, and are 50% aquatic. They have semi-webbed toes and like moderate to cooler climates. This one seems to be a potential sub-species of the one that YAVON, not Jesse, linked in the comment page from my last post. The elevation here is 1500 meters and a cool 75 degrees average temperature, whereas the one classified in the website is a lowland turtle, requiring tropical temperatures. Good for a pet owner, keeping anything above 75 degrees here is hard. It's getting cold, even for an adipose and "keratinized protein" covered person such as myself.

Oh yeah, there is another "super typhoon" headed towards the Philippines again. Looks like the bulk may go over top of us.

look about 2 inches to the left of the "Eye".. That's Baguio!

We have found a great way to save time and money here. We pay our friend's mother to do our food shopping for us. Here is our latest list of goods. total cost $20 a week, including her cut.

Shopping list

Product Quantity


¼ kilo

Cooked sausage (red)

¼ kilo

chicken (adobo cut)

1 kilo

Pork chops

½ kilo


1 x 250 ml tetra box

Eggs (red)

2 piece

Eggs (white)

6 piece

Bangus (in vinegar)

3 pieces


2 pack of 6

Gardenia whole wheat bread

½ loaf size

Century tuna in brine (or oil)

4 cans

Red/green tomatoes mixed

1 kilo

Large peppers (red/green)

1 kilo


1/8 kilo


1/8 kilo

Onion (red)

½ kilo

Onion (yellow)

½ kilo


¼ kilo

Seasonal fruit #1

e.g (apples or oranges)

Seasonal fruit #2

e.g. (longsones or chico or mango)

Seasonal fruit #3



1 kilo


1 bunch

Baguio Beans

¼ kilo


6 pieces

Coconut cream or powder

2 cans (or 2 packages)


½ kilo

Tang or Hi-C grape (dry)

Large size (500g)?

Peanut butter (dark color, from wet market) in plastic container

1 jar (large)


1 kilo

Rice (jasmine long grain)

1 kilo

Vegetable oil


Benguet blend coffee

¼ kilo fine grind

Coffee mate

1 box

Black pepper

One packet

Curry spices

One packet

Cumin seed

One packet


Jesse and Yavon said...

"Tonight I dine on Turtle soup"
-Shredder, 1989, spoken after giving Rock-steady a large stick to break stuff.

Jesse and Yavon said...

How did Jesse get all the credit?? I don't understand.

Joaquin said...

now lookie here......

If you guys had your own log in names, maybe we could all differentiate between the two of you!!

and on that abrupt note, THANKS YAVON! :)

Jesse and Yavon said...

That's more like it!!! LOL you have a point kinda like when Rinah and Sky make comments. I will just make sure I type in this is Yavon.. lolol