Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I am on vacation now, we had a long trip getting here, but it's been worth it! We are having lots of fun!! This is mostly just a practice post for Grandma to learn how to blog!!


Alvin Almeda : - ) said...

Hello Joaquin its been quite awhile i havent visited your website. Any way i am still a radiologic Technologist, i decided to finish my course as i have hoped, because you know i think that the Lord our God wanted me to continue it and this is something i called a blessing. Anyway what about you how are you na i'd say that both you and Karen are Seniors already so that means one year to go til you get your license and work here.

Alvin Almeda said...

Oh! and by the way Joaquin have you ever watched the movie of Die Hard Trilogy plus starring bruce willis, also the latest one die hard 4. i also want to know about the harry potter book seven plus the movie is coming out soon nxt. week.

One more thing do you know a movie called a puppet masters.it's like some weird stingray shaped lifeform (alien) that sticks to the back of a human host that controls their minds damn its kind of very strange and disgusting.

please say hello to Karen for me i also knew that her dog died im sorry.

Joaquin said...


I am glad to have decided to finish your course in rad tech. i think it is a great choice, and you will be highly in demand for your skills..

I haven't had many chances to watch movies this year. We have been so busy.

Karen said thank you for your condolences. It was a tough blow for her and her family, they love their pets so much. (I was quite fond of Phoebe, too..)