Friday, February 09, 2007

Shaving all over again

I have been enthralled with learning new ways to shave. This has always been a struggle for me, sensitive skin, coarse hair, etc. I have been wet shaving my whole career, but apparently, doing it the wrong way. I ran across a couple of great blogs like this

Now I shave w/o irritation, and am really enjoying the morning ritual. there is a whole science to it.Also, they recommend old school DE blades and Gillette speedster type razors. one thing for sure, its a heck of a lot cheaper than the outrageous cartridge style mutiblade hyped products out there. There is a whole conspiracy theory out there about how companies purposely change the cutting head angle on last years model to make it "Worthless" then offer the new and more expensive models. So, I am doing it the way my Grandfather did, (and my uncle and Dad, though I think they are cartridge guys now), but maybe even going further with my boar brush (might upgrade to badger), DE blades and lime scented shaving soaps.

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LeisureGuy said...

A few thoughts: 1) Try one of QED's shave sticks---a very nice shaving soap, and lathering on the face is very pleasant; 2) get one of Honeybee Spa's shea butter shaving soaps; 3) Go ahead and spring for the badger brush: makes a big difference; 4) buy the blade sampler pack from LetterK so you can find the right blade for you; and 5) once your technique is solid, get the Merkur Slant Bar---it's perfect for your combination of tough beard and sensitive skin. And thanks for the link.