Saturday, May 20, 2006

Great News!!

We found a great apartment. Around twice as big as our current one and a third of the price!! We also enrolled in our classes and are pretty well all set for the coming year. We move in next week.

I promised not to harp on it any more, but to those who are STILL holding out on getting Skype, I don't see how you could possibly avoid it now that they have a new promotion. All outbound calls are free within the US or to Canada until the end of the year. You just need a $5 headset with a microphone and a DSL connection (you will need to subscribe to a number IF you want to receive calls from landlines, but as always, Skype to Skype is free) I don't see how anyone who has a computer is not using the heck out of this. Download this and start calling for free.


Anonymous said...

Oh, man. I have seven Euros in my skype account balance. You're telling me that I'm gonna have to call outside North America to use that up? Great, thanks a lot Skype =(

Joaquin said...

well, the price you agreed to initially was pretty decent, also, there is no guarantee that they will have this free call promo forever.... Calls within Canada and US will not reduce your balance, as far as I know.

itsonlyhereandnowhereelse said...

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