Monday, March 13, 2006

Some pics of Dinner!

Lola can whip up some serious grub. (That's Filipino for Grandma)


Karen said...

You are a dork! That's why I love you =)

Jasked said...

Looks tasty :)

What's with all the pop bottles along the wall that look like they're full of water?

Joaquin said...

they are full of water. it makes it easy to have cold and potable water, rather than a 5 gallon jug of warm filtered water.

Alvin said...

bHigh Karen and Joachim its me alvin. Joachim you told me last tuesday that you and karen are transferring school from BAGUIO.As you know i could come and visit you both someday if you have any problems regarding accomodations and security feel free to ask me and you are welcome.

oh!by the way what medical school are gonna enroll into? was it Baguio Medical Center, St. Lui Medical Center, or Baguio Central University college medicine & Nursing program. i have some relatives from my motherside who are there, like my aunt dellie who owns Baguio medical center and she's a doctor. My other aunt is a full time professor of St. Lui and the Last My Grandmother is a Little President of Baguio Central University. there. i wish that could meet up both of you at Baguio when i finished radtech also that i would introduced you to my relativesa oh it will be wonderful right. so Joachim and Karen, my best wishes for your carreer at Baguio. also i prayed for both of you and to your success and iam looking forward to see you. Bye.

Joaquin said...

Alvin, we have enrolled at UB for nursing. (I am thinking about PT, because I was inspired by your move to radiology.) We will email you with our address and you are more than welcome to come anytime, even if we don't need any help. It sounds like your family owns and controls half of Baguio!! joke-lang. You are so modest! take care and good luck with Radtech.